Dear Tourist – Leave a Lasting Impact in Ringkøbing

Welcome to Ringkøbing! As you enjoy your time in our charming “Latinerkvarter” and along the stunning West Coast, we invite you to make a difference before you leave.

A Difference for Whom? US – G-Faktor! G-Faktor is more than just a second-hand shop or a community center; we are a family of volunteers, flex jobbers, and individuals in job training, dedicated to supporting those in need in our local area. We provide essential services, from food assistance to emotional support, and offer a loving environment to help people reintegrate into the job market.

Pay it Forward: We strive to pass your help forward and be a pillar of support for our community members, whether they are facing food insecurity, need a shoulder to cry on, or seek a welcoming place to get back on their feet. G-Faktor is also home to several clubs and associations for vulnerable children, young people, and adults, offering a safe space for connection and growth.

How You Can Help:
💚 Donate Your Pant: Before you head home, consider donating your bottles and cans. We can exchange each bottle or can for money at pant stations. Even a small contribution helps us provide more food and support to those in need.
💚 Clothing and Items: If you have used, but still good clothes or items that no longer fit in your suitcase, leave them with us. These donations go to our second-hand shop, which is our primary source of income.
💚 Buy Souvenirs: Purchase souvenirs at G-Faktor or our sister shop, “Lidt af hvert”. We have a selection of both fun and beautiful items that can remind you of your holiday by the water.
💚 Monetary Donations: Cash donations are always welcome. You can donate your Danish kroner in the shop instead of exchanging them before your journey home.

Why Leave More Than Your Footprint? You see our town and surroundings from their most beautiful side, and we do our best to make everyone feel welcome. However, behind the idyllic facade, West Jutlanders face the same challenges as anywhere else in the world, including poverty, illness, and misfortune. Your generosity allows us to continue our vital work. By donating your pant, clothes, or other items, you help us ensure that no one in our community goes hungry or feels alone. It’s a simple way to leave a lasting footprint of kindness in Ringkøbing.

Where to Donate: 📍 G-House, V. Strandgade 7, 6950 Ringkøbing
📅 Open Mon-Fri: 10-17, Sat: 10.30-13.30

Learn more about our work: Click on the globe icon at the top right of the menu to view our entire website in your preferred language